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September 23rd, 2005

valkeriegoddess @ 11:41 am: *ani-magic convention*
If you live in this area, or you could take a road trip.



September 22nd, 2005

valkeriegoddess @ 01:52 pm: *what is cosplay??* *for those new to cosplay*

This should answer some of the questions that have looked at this culture & hobby with curiosity.

Cosplay is a term that originated in Japan but is based on the English

words "Costume Play", essentially play-acting in costumes.

In Japan Cosplay is not limited to anime/manga, but

also a staple of many other entertainment industries such as science fiction and horror.

In North America the term Cosplay is reserved for anime/manga related costuming.

Cosplaying can be divided into two categories: basic cosplay and Masquerade.

While basic cosplay only involves an attempt to look like a particular character,

either in the halls of a convention or on stage, Masquerade is much more involved.

When Masquerading, cosplayers attempt to act as the character would.

They often have prepared skits with memorized lines, and the

more advanced masqueraders can easilly ad-lib their character's personality.

Anime/manga cosplay has become very popular amongst fans in Japan and North America.

Some Cosplayers make their own costumes, investing large amounts of time

and money in the process, while others buy their costumes from professional costume designers.

The end products are generally shown off at Anime conventions.

Many Anime conventions hold contests for Cosplay and for Masquerade.

Some successful cosplayers have become very popular and are considered celebrities in their own right.


Thanks to cosplay.com for this explanation :)

Here are some cosplayers:



September 20th, 2005

valkeriegoddess @ 03:35 pm: *sigh*

One of the coolest videos I have ever seen.

I love the Final Fantasy series & I really love this song.

Clickie here:



September 17th, 2005

chobi_chan @ 07:24 pm: Hi everyone! First of all I just wanted to say I love this community; so kawaii! Great idea, and the layout is to dye for! Ok, anyway does anyone here happen to like Miroku from Inuyasha? *heart*

Current Mood: productive
valkeriegoddess @ 04:03 pm: *japanese festival*
Really cool japanese festival next sunday.



September 13th, 2005

valkeriegoddess @ 04:51 pm: *new community*

Welcome to all members who joined just now.

All new members please leave a comment when you get to this entry.

This new community will be lots of fun.

Updates from Toyko Pop, Animerica, & New Type magazines. Etc.

Plus really cool updates about manga-kas of america & japan.

Sorry guys, this an all girls club only.

Ok, hope to see some fresh new faces here soon.

Creator of community: Heather.

Ok bye now.


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